This week, our CEO, Teg Grenager, was put through the gauntlet by two of the industry’s greatest tire kickers, Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash on their show, “The Chad & Cheese Podcast”.

Memorable quotes by the hosts include:

Man, this product is so in depth…You’re pulling in programmatic components, you’re pulling in sourcing components and automation. Your pricing model is very interesting…And I’m really excited to see where this goes in the next 12 months.” – Joel Cheesman

It’s different, it’s something they [recruiters] can understand and it’s something that they can measure, because you are giving them exactly interested and qualified [candidates]. You tell me what qualified looks like, we’re going to give you exactly what that looks like…So from my standpoint, its definitely a big applause as well.” – Chad Sowash

Listen here:


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